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Andy Kel Loch & Scottt Gold first met in the 70's in junior high school. Drawn together by a shared affinity for the counter-culture they soon became friends. In high school, Scott & Andy worked together on a series of projects, including the school radio station, and internship at a Boston public radio station WBUR. It was at this time that Scottt & Andy discovered that they both loved progressive rock. It was soon after this that Fields, their first band was formed. With Andy on drums, Scottt & Greg Greene on bass, Andy's brother Greg Kel Loch and Todd Gernes on guitar, and other frequent guest musicians, Fields became well known to intolerant neighbors and police of Watertown, Mass.

A few years later, Andy had gone on to receive his degree from Emerson College, Scottt had gone on to free-lance sound engineering for Boston bands, and it seemed the pair was not likely to work together again. But as fate would have it, Scottt soon became the sound man for Andy's band, The Derivatives. When The Derivatives broke up, Andy approached Scottt with the idea of forming a new band. With Andy singing lead vocals and playing percussion, Scottt on bass, Greg Kel Loch on guitar, Jacky Mello on keyboards, and John Mock on drums, The Treatment began bringing progressive rock back to Boston. After playing numerous local gigs, Greg and John opted out of the band, and were replaced by Eric Krise on guitar and Al Blanchard on drums, giving the band a much harder edged sound, and increasing the band's popularity.

Scottt & Andy eventually grew disillusioned with the Club scene in Boston. Having gone as far with The Treatment as they felt possible, the pair disbanded the group and started their new venture: O-Zone Productions. O-Zone, a MIDI controlled recording studio and production facility, is where Scottt & Andy now create their music, playing live only occasionally with the group Kel Loch & Gold and The Men In Black.

The Recordings

  • The Treatment - Afloat- cassette only - out of print
  • Kel Loch & Gold - Men In Black- cassette only
  • various artists -Skin & Butter: An O-Zone Assortment- CD only

  • The Reviews
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