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Fat Nick himself

This is the Home Page for Scott & Rhonda Gold

Fat Nick would like you to know:

Scott is a progressive rock musician performing with Kel Loch & Gold and The Men In Black. His available recordings are Men In Black (cassette only) and Skin & Butter: An O-Zone Assortment (CD only).

  • Scott recommends reading "The Demon-Haunted World" by Carl Sagan
  • Watch out for our cat!

    Some places we like:

  • The Real Frank Zappa Page
  • Obvious Moose: Home of Mike Keneally's page
  • Crack The Sky: Back and as great as ever!
  • The Skeptic's Dictionary
  • Where Scott works
  • Where Rhonda works
  • Eddie G.: Extraordinary guitarist!
  • Andy K's balloon business. Try it!
  • Healthy Ideas & Recipes: This is how we should eat.

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    Orangutan photograph courtesy Philip Greenspun
    Java applets courtesy